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The first stop when researching the history of a town or its people is often a visit to the town library or historical society.  There one can access genealogies seldom found on shelves elsewhere.  That's still true, but many of those dusty old tomes have been digitized and are now accessible via the Internet.  Here you will find our digital library of books our volunteers consult when responding to queries from the community.  Most of these volumes are out-of-copyright and can be downloaded as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files.  Some newer volumes can be "checked out" and viewed at's Open Library. 

Clicking on the title will open the webpage at which the volume is hosted by a digital library.  Some of these volumes may only be viewed online or at a library.  Please alert us if a link is broken.

  Books - Family History


Maine Families in 1790

Maine Families in 1790 (Volumes 1-11)

     •  Maine Families in 1790 - Index Vols 1-11.pdf
     •  Maine Families in 1790 - Addendum Vols 1-10.pdf

Maine Genealogical Society (1988-continuing)

This well-researched series is an indispensable aid to genealogical research in Maine.  The series can be found in many area libraries and the Falmouth Heritage Museum.

Volumes 1-8 may be viewed online via the Open Library at but registration for a free account is required.

     •  Volume 1

     •  Volume 2
     •  Volume 3
     •  Volume 4
     •  Volume 5
     •  Volume 6
     •  Volume 7
     •  Volume 8

Refer to the index to see if the family in which you are interested has been researched yet.   To see a complete list of Maine families in 1790 census:

Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790

United States Census Office (1908), Washington D.C.

Source: (15 MB)



Field Genealogy

Field Genealogy (Volumes 1-2)

Pierce, F.C. (1901), Chicago

The Fields migrated from New Hampshire to Falmouth by 1738.  The family lived at Falmouth through the 19th century.  Zacharias Field, the patriarch, lived near Field Road which took its name from the family.  


A Leighton Genealogy

A Leighton Genealogy - Descendants of Thomas Leighton of Dover, New Hampshire (Volumes 1-2)

Leighton, Perley (1989), Boston

The Leightons migrated from New Hampshire to Falmouth during the 18th century.  This two volume set can be found at the Falmouth Memorial Library  (R 929.2 Lei v.1-2) and the Maine Historical Society's Brown Library (G L533.5) but not at the Falmouth Heritage Museum (if anyone has a copy, we'd welcome a donation).  

Volume 1 may be viewed online via the Open Library at but registration for a free account is required.


Lunt - A History of the Lunt Family in America

Lunt - A History of the Lunt Family in America

Lunt, Thomas (1914), Salem, Mass.

Source: (13 MB)

The Lunts migrated from Massachusetts to Falmouth during the 18th century.


A Merrill Memorial

A Merrill Memorial

Merrill, Samuel (1928), Cambridge, Mass.

Source: (55 MB)

Since the arrival of James Merrill (1689-1757) in New Casco (now Falmouth) in 1738, no other family has left a greater imprint upon our town.



Winslow Memorial

Winslow Memorial - Family Records of Winslows and their Descendants in America (Volumes 1-2)

Winslow, Kenelm (1877-1888), New York

The Winslows were prominent in the settlement of West Falmouth and Falmouth's large Quaker community. 




Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine
Little, George Thomas (1909), New York


These four volumes provide information about prominent Maine families at the turn of the 20th century during a surge of interest in genealogy fueled, to some degree, by the popularity of lineage societies.  The genealogical information in these volumes should checked against more recent research for accuracy.



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