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The Board of Directors approved these goals and objectives at the February 2020 meeting.  Our previous goals can be viewed here.



Measurable Objectives

1.   Solidify the administrative foundation


a.  Update the standard operating procedures

Bring the handbook for board members up to date with documented workflows for routine transactions.

b.  Improve accounting

Migrate from QuickBooks Essentials to Plus.  Track budget and inventory in QuickBooks.

c.  Audit the finances

Recruit and convene the audit committee.

d.  Establish board member access to digital records

Create FHS individual accounts in Google Apps for board members.  Create an FHS shared account in QBO for board members.

e.  Build board and volunteer competencies

Leverage memberships through training and networking opportunities.

2.  Perform our core mission of preserving our town’s heritage and making it accessible to our community


a.  Continue incremental improvements to the Museum buildings and grounds

Continue upkeep of the exterior.  Continue rearrangement of exhibit areas.  Lightly reno kitchen.  Improve sump pump.

b.  Continue to provide public access to artifacts, books and documents at the Museum

The museum will be open to the public at least one day/week except holidays and election days, during May-October.

c.  Enhance exhibits at the Museum

Build our first thematic exhibit.

d.  Improve engagement with membership and community

Publish the newsletter quarterly with postal mailings to non-digital subscribers.

Increase tempo for Facebook posts.  Begin parallel posting via Twitter and Instagram.

eContinue to improve website appearance and content

Establish a public area providing guides and supporting material for research in Falmouth.    Establish a members-only area with more detailed content.

fSupport Falmouth’s participation in the Maine Bicentennial Celebration

Sponsor or participate in Bicentennial activities that are relevant to Falmouth and within our means.

gRescue and preserve artifacts from Tidewater

Form a team to be on call for when the town notifies FHS that the demo is at the stage where we can select and remove artifacts.

Collect and transport the artifacts to the barn.

3.  Improve long-term health through fundraising and membership growth


a.  Publish a mini-annual report

Create an attractive flyer providing an overview of FHS for potential donors.

b.  Conduct targeted local fundraising

Craft and distribute personalized appeals.

c.  Resume holding events

Hold at least one (and preferably two) events this year.  Two that are likely to succeed are:

    1.      Class on identifying historical houses in late winter/early spring
   2.      A house tour in summer (deconflicted with other house tours.

The first step is to establish a program committee.

d.  Publish “Want Ads” for volunteers

Establish a section on the website with information about the many volunteer positions to be filled.

e.  Conduct targeted recruiting for volunteers

Develop a strategy to recruit new members from the cohorts most likely to become engaged in FHS activities.

f.  Revise and publish the cookbook

Form a committee to revise the FHS book.

Self-publish using half-sized binders in small quantities.

g.  Sell merchandise online

Establish system for processing online or mail orders of merchandise. 

Set up online sales via website. 

hIncrease engagement with town

Attend town council meetings when the agenda involves town history or historic preservation. 

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